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Welcome to the home of British Powerlifting at its finest. Since 1994 British Powerlifters have joined together at many exciting venues in the United Kingdom – Europe-and around the World to represent their country.
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Powerlifting and the BPO™ – a Brief History

In 1994 Brian Smith and David Carter reformed British Powerlifting on firm basis of commitment and integrity. In 1996 a strong European base of powerlifters was formulated with the European Powerlifting Congress with ten other countries, to which the BPO™is a founding member and affiliated to. Concerns at this time evolved around the credibility of lifting apparel, i.e. Canvas and multiple ply lifting suits, standards of adjudication of officials, whiners and moaners, unlike the talkers who do nothing, to which the BPO™are diametrically opposed to.

A small handful of dedicated people went forward with other countries to form the World Powerlifting FederationWPF ) in 1999, to which the BPO™ is a founding member and affiliated to.

The BPO™ have rode mighty storms of turbulence within the Powerlifting fraternity, but only operate with people who take action to develop Powerlifting, maintain high standards of adjudication and lifting attire , to which only the quality powerlifters in Great Britain enjoy, respect and value. This is equally valued in Europe and rest of the World