Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Lifting Gear can I wear in the BPO ???

  • See  “General Rules to be Observed” section

Can I wear Chuck Taylors..??

  • YES!!

Can I raise my feet off the Floor while Benching..??

  • NO….the soles must remain flat ( in contact with the floor)…No tip toes or on the sides

Can I use Baby Powder.. ??

  • NO…no talc or baby powder to be used.

Will there be a Monolift at my meet..??

  • Monolifts are approved for all BPO Meetings..Monolifts are Mandatory for British, European, and World Championships. Please contact Meet Director.

What are the Bench Press commands…???

  • They are  – “PRESS”…..and….”RACK”

How are the “BEST LIFTER” Awards calculated???

  • At all competitions where Best Lifter Awards are presented, placing will be established by the WILKS formula. Scoring of the best Master lifter  will  use the McCulloch (Revised) formula

Can I wear Briefs…and can they have legs???

  • YES !!  (Single-ply)

How can I join the BPO???

BPO Bank Account Details

What about Raw Lifting ???

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